30 Real Foodie Gifts Under $30

Real Foodie Gifts | Roots & Boots

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Looking for real foodie gifts for your favorite kitchen nerd?  These simple kitchen tools will delight any real foodie on your gift list.

Most of these recommendations come directly from my own real foodie kitchen, while a few are on my own kitchen wish list.

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Real Foodie Gifts | Roots & Boots
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30 Real Foodie Gifts Under $30

Gift-giving tip: Many of the real foodie gifts listed below are perfect for sliding into Christmas stockings or holiday gift baskets.

  1. Silicone spatulas – You can never have too many.  My favorite is a slim, skinny version with a thin edge, but every kitchen also needs one with a larger head.
  2. Wooden scraping spoon – One of my all time favorite kitchen implements.  I use mine daily.
  3. Garlic press – My 15 year old model recently broke (while a kid was using it, actually), and I’m feeling lost.  Mr. Native Texan, are you’re reading this?  I’d love a replacement for Christmas this year…  This press is another good option.
  4. Citrus juicer – I’ve always used a version like this, but have heard good things about this type, too.
  5. Apple corer – I use mine all the time, for applesauce, apple chips, and apple sandwiches.
  6. Herb scissors – I sort of hate chopping herbs, and these scissors were the answer to my problem. Really handy!
  7. Wide mouth stainless funnel – I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without this funnel. I use it at least once every day.
  8. Mortar & pestle – Nothing makes you feel like a grown up, real foodie cook, than receiving a mortar & pestle for your very own.
  9. Kitchen scale – I use mine all the time, but it’s actually a postal scale leftover from my ebay days.  Instead, you should get a digital scale like this or an analog scale like this for your favorite real foodie.
  10. Bee’s Wrap – I highly recommend these nontoxic food wraps!  We use our set all the time.
  11. Cloth napkins – Help your real foodie set a pretty table with a new set of cloth napkins.
  12. Candy thermometer – Homemade marshmallows call for a candy thermometer.  We also use ours for scalding chickens at “processing” time, but I’m guessing this use won’t be applicable to most real foodies…
  13. Kitchen timer – A real foodie has a serious need for at LEAST two sturdy kitchen timers.  I love this magnetic retro timer.
  14. Measurement conversion magnet – Even the most experienced cook has to check the conversion chart once in a while.
  15. Meat tenderizer – A must-have for amazing steaks.
  16. Misto – Real foodies can load up the misto with their cooking oil of choice.
  17. Oil & vinegar bottles with pour spout & cap –  The spout and cap are non-negotiable for keeping oil and vinegar fresh and bug-free.
  18. Salad chopper – one of my new favorite tools!  Here’s what I love about it.
  19. Stainless measuring cups – After much research, I chose this set and have not been disappointed.
  20. Stainless measuring spoons – Again, I looked long and hard for just the right set.  These spoons are a joy to use, and they get daily use in my kitchen.
  21. Pizza cutter – I’m still using an old, cheap cutter.  It was a wedding gift, it still works, and I’ve never replaced it.  But I’ve got my eyes on this version when my current cutter bites the dust.
  22. Pizza peel – This pizza peel has totally changed my gluten-free pizza game.  I don’t know how I ever lived without it.
  23. Reusable produce bags – Help your favorite real foodie reduce their carbon footprint.  We love this set and use it weekly.
  24. Wooden cutting boards – You can never have enough wooden cutting boards.  Different sizes are helpful for different purposes.
  25. Apron – I always wear an apron in the kitchen, and it’s nice to have several options.
  26. Weck jars – Everything looks amazing in a Weck jar!  These beautiful jars are the gold standard in food storage.
  27. Kuhn Rikon peeler – Again, I’m still using the same peeler I received as a wedding gift.  It works well enough, but I’ve heard good things about this Y blade peeler.
  28. Cookbooks – If you’ve ever visited a book store with your favorite real foodie, you probably already know which books she’s pining after.  If not, I highly recommend anything by Danielle Walker.  I also rely heavily on this classic by Mark Bittman, and I know many cooks adore this one which was recently updated and re-released.
  29. Microplane – For zesting citrus, grating Parmesan, and more.
  30. Ice cream scoop set – For cookie dough, waffles, pancakes, and even cupcake batter.


What did I miss?  What would you add to this list of real foodie gifts?

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