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19-PAGE EBOOK! Hügelkultur

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Tried & true methods
for fast results!

Forget about fighting your lousy soil, breaking your back trying to grow veggies in compacted, depleted, poorly draining soil.

Skip the 3-5 year waiting period while you transform your soil conditions from impossible to incredible.

Instead, you can grow plants NOW in your hügel beds, and over time those hügel beds will regenerate your poor soil into rich, dark, loose soil.

In this Hügelkultur Gardening ebook, you'll learn how to:

  • Fill raised beds, hügelkultur-style
  • Create trenched hügelkultur beds
  • Build hügelkultur beds on top of the ground
  • Avoid common mistakes in hügelkultur gardening
  • Find wood and other materials for your hügel beds
  • Manage hügel beds in year two and beyond
  • Grow healthy veggies NOW, despite your poor soil
  • Transform your poor soil into beautiful and healthy soil
  • And more!