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Reusable Cloth Pads

Reusable Cloth Pads Review

I’m sure you’ve heard about the unhealthy materials used to produce disposable sanitary products for women.  And I’m sure you’re aware that those disposable products can take up a whole lot of space in our landfills.  And of course the cost can really add up over time! What you may or may not realize is that

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How to Make Your Concealer Last Longer (and My Favorite Brand)

Do you use the kind of concealer that comes in a tube, like lip gloss?  Are you tired of throwing away perfectly good makeup for the simple reason that you can’t reach the leftovers down there in the bottom of the tube?

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The Oil Cleansing Method

My Skin Care Routine {The Oil Cleansing Method}

After several years of experimentation, I’ve finally landed on a great skin care routine.  Today I’ll show you what I use–it’s pretty simple, fairly economical and I’m really happy with the results.

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How to Choose Safer Sunscreen

How to Choose a Safer Sunscreen

Do you know what’s in your sunscreen? Do you know what’s in your baby’s sunscreen? Did you know the skin is the body’s largest organ, absorbing everything we rub, spray, or slather onto it?

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Why Goat Milk is Good for Your Skin

Why Goat Milk Soap is Good for Your Skin

Goat milk soap is  wonderfully nourishing  for all skin types, and is particularly helpful for eczema and dry, irritated, rashy skin.  It’s been several years since I started using (and loving) goat milk soap, but only recently did I learn why it’s so good for my skin.

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Hazelaid Teething Jewelry {Discount & Giveaway}

Several of you have noticed Baby Brother’s teething necklace and have asked where it’s from. Good news: today I’ll fill you in on our experience with teething jewelry!

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Overnight Leak Protection: Certified Organic Absorbent Cloth Diapers

Have I mentioned how much we love cloth diapering with wool?  We’re now several months in, and I kind of wish we’d chosen this route from the beginning. Overnight Leak Protection with Absorbent Cloth Diapers  One of the best reasons to use wool diaper covers is for superior overnight leak protection. And superior leak protection starts with superior absorbent…

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Disana Boiled Wool Wrap

Cloth Diapering with Wool: Disana Boiled Wool Wrap

I love this wool wrap!  It’s amazingly leak-proof and the velcro closure makes for a quick diaper change in the middle of the night. Read on for a quick synopsis of our adventure in Cloth Diapering with Wool, as well as the pros and cons of Disana’s Boiled Wool Wrap.

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Easy Sugar Scrub

Easy Sugar Scrub Fights Winter Blues and Dry Skin

Sugar scrubs are one of my favorite gifts to make with essential oils.  This multitasking recipe fights both winter blues and dry, winter skin.  Plus, it smells great.

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Coming Up: Black Friday Deals

Be sure to stop by on Black Friday to check out the great deals I’m expecting from the retailers of some of my favorite natural products. Here’s one hint: If you’d like to try

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