How to Dry Green Onions

How To Dry Green Onions | Roots & Boots

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Learning how to dry green onions is almost as easy as learning how to grow them, which means you get to enjoy fresh green onion taste all year long!

How To Dry Green Onions | Roots & Boots
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My family’s favorite Paleo dehydrator crackers call for green onions, which works out perfectly during the growing season.  We simply pull a few green onions from the garden, rinse, chop, and toss into the food processor.

How To Dry Green Onions | Roots & Boots
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During the winter, it’s a whole ‘nother story!  Which is why I decided to learn how to dry green onions so we’d always have them on hand for our favorite cracker recipe.

How To Dry Green Onions | Roots & Boots
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Dried green onions are useful for many other purposes, too:

  • Add to soups or stews for a mild onion flavor
  • Add to salad for a flavor boost
  • Mix into hummus
  • Add to biscuits or savory muffins
  • Grind into dried onion powder and add to scrambled eggs

How To Dry Green Onions | Roots & Boots
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To dry green onions, simply chop and spread on dehydrator sheets.  I like to use parchment paper to prevent the tiny dried onions pieces from escaping and making a mess.

How To Dry Green Onions | Roots & Boots
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This is the dehydrator I have. 

Dry chopped green onions at anywhere from 95° to 135° F for 4 to 5 hours or until dry and crispy.

Store dried green onions in an air tight container.

More foods we like to dry in the dehydrator:


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