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The Best Water Filter for the Healthy Home

The Best Water Filter for a Healthy Home

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Switching to a high-quality water filter is a simple step towards a healthier home and a healthier life.

What’s in your water?

It seems crazy that a seemingly innocent glass of water may actually contain all sorts of harmful contaminants.

For starters, most tap water contains fluoride, which has been linked to thyroid issues.  Additionally, the Environmental Working Group has identified toxins in tap water that are linked to cancer, brain damage, nervous system problems, fertility concerns, hormone disruption, and more.

You can check out EWG’s comprehensive database here.

Even well water is not necessarily exempt, due to agricultural runoff.  Which, by the way, is another strike against Big Ag, and another very good reason to support your local sustainable farms.

Oh, and bottled water fails the test, too.  While local water utilities are required to disclose annual test results, the bottled water industry can hide their test results.

Lab tests by EWG have found all sorts of crazy stuff in top brands of bottle water: industrial chemicals, prescription drugs, and even bacteria.  Yikes!

The Best Water Filter for a Healthy Home | Yankee Homestead
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The best water filter for the healthy home

Just like I place a huge emphasis on feeding my family real food that is free from toxins and processed ingredients, I also want to make sure we are drinking clean, healthy water that is free from contaminants.

For my home, I chose a Berkey water filter.

Extensive testing by Louisiana University, Spectrum Labs, and the University of Phoenix confirm that the black Berkey filters remove or greatly reduce herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, bacteria, fluoride (with filter attachment), heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites, and parasites.

We’ve used our Berkey Royal for almost two years now, and I’m pleased with the way it works for my family.  The Royal size holds 3.25 gallons, which provides enough drinking water each day for the five of us.

All five us live at home pretty much all day, every day.  We homeschool, run a homestead, and my husband Greg works from home.  My nine year old fills the Berkey every morning, and we have enough filtered water to last all day.

One side note: we have hard water, even with a water softener.  Berkey prefers that you fill their water filters with un-softened water, but that’s not a realistic option for us.  All of our water runs through the water softener.  What that means for us is that I have to give our black filters a good scrubbing from time to time.

It’s really not a big deal, though.  I just know that when the Berkey starts to filter more slowly than usual, it’s time to scrub the filters.

Worth the cost

A Berkey water filter does require an initial upfront investment.  However, we have found it to be very cost-effective in the long run.  We have yet to replace our first set of black filters.  I’ve heard that one set of filters typically lasts about two years.

The stainless steel canister itself is incredibly sturdy and well-made.  It’s beautiful, even, and seems to fit well with many decor styles.

Our Berkey is very easy to clean and maintain.  Seriously.  We simply fill it each day, and scrub the filters every once in a while.

In exchange, we drink clean, filtered water each day.  And it tastes good, to boot.

Limited time offer

For a limited time only, Berkey is offering several specially priced bundles.  Included is the Berkey Royal, which we use at my house.

This is the perfect time to get started with your own Berkey water filter!

What kind of water filter do you use?  What questions do you have about Berkey water filters?

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