abstract valentine face

10 Simple Ways to Weave Holiday Traditions Into Everyday Life

Thanksgiving Thankfulness Tree: an old, recycled piece of cardboard, Mr. Native...
St. Patrick's Day books

A Wee Bit o’ Irish Culture

Tales from Old Ireland So I'm about 1/4 Irish.   (And 1/4 Mexican + 1/2...
What's for Lunch

What’s for Lunch? (other than bread)

One of the questions I fielded most frequently at the beginning of our Strange New...
Children's Books for St. Patrick's Day | Roots & Boots

Children’s Books for St. Patrick’s Day

Looking for the best Children's Books for St. Patrick's Day ?   (more…)
You're grape!

You’re grape! Valentine Bag Toppers

Looking for a cute, edible, non-candy, mass-producible Valentine idea? Try this! This cute idea is...
Little Brother "beating us to the rotten egg"

Winter Nature Walk on the W&OD Trail (& excellent nature biography for kids)

Background Info: Older Brother and I just finished reading this awesome book, The Flower Hunter,...
Favorite Books for Valentine's Day

Favorite Valentine’s Day Books for Children

Happy February!  It's the month of love.  Want to know which books we enjoy reading...
Happy Winter

Happy Winter: this year’s favorite winter book

Happy Winter by Karen Gundersheimer is our new favorite children's book for winter. (Last year,...
Take a Winter Nature Walk

Exploring Nature with Kids: Winter Nature Walk

The boys and I enjoyed (for the most part) a Winter Nature Walk with some...
Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus

One of my favorite Christmas decorations is a small Norman Rockwell Christmas book, opened to...
Thankful Mary

Thankful Mary

Older Brother drew this picture several weeks ago, near the beginning of the advent season....
The More It Snows

Our Favorite Winter Poem

In certain circles, I am known for having a song or poem for any and...
32 Favorite Christmas Books for Kids | Roots & Boots

32 Favorite Christmas Books for Children

I may have a slight addiction to wonderful Christmas books for children.  (more…)
Usborne Spotters Guide

Free nature journal resources for kids

We do lots of nature study here at the Yankee Homestead. Older Brother (6 yrs....
carols for a kid's heart

Christmas Carols for a Kid’s Heart (for a parent’s heart, too)

Christmas Carols for a Kid's Heart is the third volume of a series called Hymns for a...