11 Favorite Children’s Books About Seeds and Gardens

Favorite Children's Books About Seeds and Gardens | Roots & Boots

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This year, as you prepare to order seeds for your spring garden, why not order a few of these children’s books about seeds and gardens, too?

Gardening and children’s literature are two of my very favorite topics, which makes this list of children’s books about seeds and gardens a special treat to share with you.  I hope you and your littles enjoy these titles as much as we have enjoyed them at my house.

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Favorite Children's Books About Seeds and Gardens | Roots & Boots
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11 Favorite Children’s Books About Seeds and Gardens

11 Favorite Children’s Books About Seeds and Gardens | Yankee Homestead
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1. Growing Vegetable Soup

Instead of growing vegetables, we are growing vegetable soup!  What a fun idea, with simple words and vibrant illustrations.

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2. Planting a Rainbow

Another gem by Lois Ehlert.  This time, instead of growing flowers, we are growing a rainbow.

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3. The Tiny Seed

We love this colorful tale of the adventurous life cycle of a tiny seed.

4. How Groundhog’s Garden Grew

A true garden-to-table experience, with beautiful illustrations and lovable characters.

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5. The Carrot Seed

An oldie but a goodie!  One plucky little boy exercises patience in the face of many naysayers, and earns a sweet reward.

6. Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

A humorous tale of the sometimes radical–and often ineffective–measures we gardeners may take to protect our crops.

7. Frog & Toad Together: The Garden

Every child should own the entire Frog and Toad collection.  At our house, it’s like these two are actual friends of ours.  We quote them and refer to them and listen to their audio versions on replay and stand up their books on display to admire.

In The Garden, Toad must patiently wait for his seeds to emerge and he makes several silly attempts at speeding their arrival.

8. Sunflower House

A fun look at the life cycle of a sunflower, complete with sunflowers planted in a circle to make a house.  (You might even be inspired to plant your own sunflower house!)

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9. The Gardener

Young Lydia Grace must spend the summer with her grumpy bachelor uncle in the city.  She brings some seeds, just in case.  Sure enough, she finds just the place to put them to use, and keeps it a secret until the time is right.

10. Down Down the Mountain

This vintage book can be hard to track down, but it’s well worth the hunt!  Hetty and Hank are determined to save enough money to buy their very first pair of brand new shoes.  Their hard work and perseverance pays off in the end, although not quite in the way they expected.

11 Favorite Children’s Books About Seeds and Gardens | Yankee Homestead

11. Linnea’s Windowsill Garden

What a treasure!  You will fall in love with little Linnea as she teaches you about growing plants in her indoor garden.

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12. And Then It’s Spring

A new favorite!  A young boy and his dog eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring. 

13. In the Garden: Who’s Been Here? 

Honestly, the writing is a bit clunky, but the illustrations and the concepts are wonderful.  We love all the titles from Lindsay Barrett George’s Who’s Been Here? series.

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