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New Kitchen Update: Barstools! | Roots & Boots

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It’s time for a new kitchen update!  The kitchen is almost completely finished, and when it is, I’ll be sure to share all the details and maybe even a video tour with you.

Today I want to talk about our new barstools!  I was a little nervous about this decision, but it turned out even better than I imagined. ⁣

Why I Chose Barstools Instead of Extra Cabinets | Roots & Boots
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New kitchen update: barstools

Here’s what our kitchen looked like when we moved in.

When we looked at adding the new kitchen island, I had to choose between extra cabinet space on one end or room for barstools. I really wanted both, but in the end I chose the barstools.

Here’s why: I waited EIGHTEEN years to have a place for people to sit near me while I cook and work in the kitchen. I spend SO MUCH time in this space and these two bar stools are already changing my life. Now my kids can pull up a stool with their lessons or a snack. My visiting friends can chat comfortably while I chop and stir and season. Now I can meal plan IN the kitchen!⁣

Astute followers may realize we’ve been on the farm for only three years, but for nine years before that we had a small, awkward kitchen with zero room for anyone to sit. And for six years before that, at our house back in Texas, there also was nowhere for anyone to sit in the tiny kitchen.⁣

So this is the first time in our entire marriage, and in my entire adult life, that I’ve been able to offer a seat to people in my kitchen. I love it. Five stars. Highly recommend! ⁣

The perfect barstools⁣

These barstools are from Pottery Barn, and everything about them is just perfect for this space. 

Here’s why they work:

  • seat color: repeated in the wooden beams
  • leg color: repeated in the lighting and cabinet hardware
  • dimensions: these scoot completely under the counter when not in use
  • comfort: leather + low back = more comfy than a flat, wooden seat
  • style: industrial modern is the perfect counter balance to all our rustic wood, while the leather still ties in to the wood and log home vibe

⁣Fun story about our new barstools

I’d been eyeing these barstools for a while, and then last week we had to go to Pottery Barn to make a return.  It’s quite a trek for us, so I don’t get to go nearly as often as I’d like.  Although Greg is probably happy about that, ha!

Anyhow, I noticed some chairs and stools grouped together for a floor model sale and instantly spotted one of “my” stools.  I asked if they happened to have another, and they did!  What are the odds??

It wasn’t a huge savings, just $40 off each stool.  But every little bit adds up, right?  Plus I had some Key Rewards to cash in, which also helped.  In the end, we saved at least $110 on the pair.  

When you’ve got a long list of renovations and decorating projects, it feels good to save a little here and there.  I’m so thrilled to find comfy, good-looking stools that work perfectly in our space, and to save a little bit off the full price.

What would you choose?

While I’m LOVING our new kitchen seating, I don’t want you to feel discouraged if you’re currently stuck with zero room to sit in a tiny awkward kitchen. Hospitality and homey-ness is still possible, and people will still squeeze into your little kitchen.

It just takes a little creativity and flexibility. And then when you’re finally able to offer actual seating in your kitchen, you will appreciate it so much more! ⁣

Or maybe kitchen seating doesn’t feel so important to you, and I’m just weird. So now I’m curious…is there anywhere to sit in your kitchen? And which would you choose: extra cabinets or barstools?⁣  What do you think of our new kitchen update?

PS: New kitchen tour video coming soon!

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