Real Food for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Food

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Looking for gluten-free Real Food for your Super Bowl party?  Look no further!

A few ideas from our Yankee Homestead…Enjoy!

  • Crispy NutsMy recipe is for plain nuts.  (Plain as in “no added flavors.”  They do have salt.)  If you prefer spiced nuts, check out these over at Elana’s Pantry: Paleo Spiced Nuts.  For her recipe, I recommend starting with Crispy Nuts.
  • Quinoa Crockpot Chili–A hearty fix-ahead meal!  Serve it as a main course, or in small bowls as a substantial appetizer.
  • Last Minute MeatballsThese also can be made ahead of time, and gently reheated in the oven.
  • Chicken NuggetsA favorite with children and grown men alike!  (Ditto on the make-ahead and reheating).
  • Coconut WrapsWe LOVE these nutritious wraps!  Wrap up your favorite combinations of quality, nitrite/nitrate-free lunch meat, good cheese, condiments, veggies.  Cut into halves or thirds and secure with toothpicks.
  • Hummus with veggies–This is standard fare at the Yankee Homestead and makes a great party tray for non-Real Foodies, too.  Our favorite brand of store-bought hummus is Tribe.
  • Crackers & Cheese–If you can do dairy, this is a no-brainer.  Good, GF crackers with good, raw cheese.  Most “high end” grocery stores, as well as many health food stores, should carry at least one good, raw cheese.  [Local friends can find Manchego–a Spanish cheese made from raw sheep’s milk–and wonderful varieties of raw cheddar–labeled Grafton Village, from family farms in Vermont–at Wegmans.]   Some of our favorite GF crackers include Mary’s Gone (warning: they do contain soy, which I try to avoid, so these are an occasional snack at our house), Brown Rice Snaps, and Sesame Rice Crisps.  [All of these crackers should be available at regular grocery stores and health food stores.]
  • Beef sticks cut into bite-sized pieces or sliced Salami
  • World’s Easiest GuacamoleWe do still eat regular corn tortilla chips, not because they’re nutritious, but because I have yet to find an affordable alternative.  These millet & flax pita chips are really good, and are available locally at the Natural Mercantile but are a little pricey.
  • Chocolate Coconut BarkOne of our current favs!  Versatile and easy to make.
  • Chocolate CupcakesAnother all-time favorite at our house.

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