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It can be tricky to find the perfect gifts for farm kids, so I’ve worked hard to put together a list of tools, gear, and other things we consider to be essential for the kids on our own small farm.  

If you’re shopping for grown up homesteaders, gardeners, foodies, or cooks, you’ll also want to check out my Great Big List of Homestead Gifts.

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Perfect Gifts for Farm Kids

Disclaimer: our crew is entirely male, so you’ll notice a slight bias towards that gender, but many items on the list below are equally applicable to both girls and boys.

And whether you have farm girls or farm boys, I’d love to hear what you would add to our list!


All of the people on our farm ages 8 and up wield an ever-growing collection of knives.  Except me, actually.  Maybe I’ll find one in my Christmas stocking this year… 

Knives come in handy for so many purposes around the farm and the house.  They make perfect gifts for farm kids or any kids!

  • Swiss army pocket knife: Small or large. Both older boys and Mr. Native Texan use the fire out of these knives.
  • Utility knife / multitool: Larger than a pocket knife, a good utility knife really comes in handy around the farm.  Both older boys and Mr. NT have their own multitool and use them often.
  • Leatherman: A more advanced, higher quality multitool option that my oldest son and husband have upgraded to.  Super sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Jack knife: A streamlined knife option, usually with one single blade.
  • Machete: Handy for kids who spend lots of time in or near fields and forests.
  • Whittling knifePerfect for kids who like to be busy with their hands.

Perfect Gifts for Farm Kids | Roots & Boots
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Did I mention we have all boys on our farm?

  • Sling shot: Both fun and useful, sling shots have been big hits with my older boys.
  • BB gun: A good way to begin learning gun safety.
  • Bow & arrows: Archery is more than a fun hobby; kids can actually learn to nab small game, which is useful on a farm as a source of animal protein for the laying hens during the winter.  Suction arrows are good for very young beginners.
  • Traps: We’re still new at trapping, but are excited to experiment with these live coon trapsPictured below: learning to use a coon trap from The Big Bear Homestead.

Perfect Gifts for Farm Kids | Roots & Boots
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Farm & Garden Tools 

Any job is made infinitely easier when you have the right tool.  For kids, that often means the right tool in the right size.

Ask a kid to dig a hole with an adult-sized shovel and he’ll feel frustrated and discouraged.  Ask him to do it with a tool that’s just his size and he’ll complete the job with pride and satisfaction.

Hand Tools

Kids can be a real asset on the farm and can develop useful, lifelong skills when they have access to appropriately sized tools.  Kid-sized tools are definitely perfect gifts for farm kids.

  • Flash light: Every serious farm kid needs a good flashlight!
  • Sturdy tool set: Kids are eager to help when they have their own tools!  They’ll also develop responsibility as they learn to put tools back where they belong so they can find what they need next time.
  • Tool set for small hands: A certain 4yo will find this adorable yet sturdy tool set under the Christmas tree this year.
  • Socket setOur 12yo is the proud owner of a small socket set, which has come in handy for projects around the house.
  • Cordless drillPricey, but a good investment in a lifelong skill.

Perfect Gifts for Farm Kids | Roots & Boots
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Wearing the right gear can make or break a kid’s (or adult’s) attitude towards farm chores.  Make sure your farm kids have what they need to brave the elements.

  • Head lamp: For night time chores and also reading in bed.
  • Digital watch: For waking up to do farm chores, and for setting alarms as task reminders throughout the day. This one is a good size for younger kids. This one is designed for women but works well for boys who don’t want a watch that feels too big or bulky.  
  • Muck boots: Everyone on the farm needs a serious pair of waterproof muck boots, including the kids.  Thick rubber rain boots will work, or you can splurge on top quality muck boots.
  • Work gloves: Our 4yo wears these gloves every day.  This size is designed for 7-9 years.  And the older boys like these.
  • Raincoats: Every farmer needs adequate protection from the rain!  Sturdy and affordable raincoats for kids are hard to find, but we’ve been pleased with this one for the older boys, and a simple raincoat from Old Navy for the 4yo.
  • Flannel hoodie: You’ll find a full set of flannel hoodies hanging in our farmhouse mudroom.  They are the perfect farm jacket!
  • Canvas vest: [Update December, 2023] I’m so excited that Carhartt now carries canvas vests for kids, very similar to the adult versions that everyone in my family loves.  We wear these vests like crazy on our farm!  Dickies also makes a canvas vest that worked well in adult size small for my pre-teen son before Carhartt vests came along.
  • Flannel-lined canvas pants: These are a winter staple for my guys.
  • Cowboy boots: My boys’ favorite choice of footwear off the farm.  We bought synthetic boots for a short while but found them to scuff easily.  Now we spring for real leather boots.

Perfect Gifts for Farm Kids | Roots & Boots
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Books by Topic

Help your farm kids build a library that will serve them for years to come.  The topics will vary according to each kid’s interests, but here’s a list to get you started.

Inspired by this list of top gifts for farm kids, my own farm kids are helping me compile a list of our favorite picture and chapter books for homesteading kids, as well as a list of our favorite outdoor adventure books.  Stay tuned…

Perfect Gifts for Farm Kids | Roots & Boots
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Enterprise Contributions

Farm kids are an enterprising bunch and you can support their budding entrepreneurial endeavors by contributing materials and supplies.  The possibilities are endless, but I’ve listed a few ideas below…

  • Animals: Chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, sheep, etc.  Poultry can be ordered online from Murray McMurray Hatchery.  You’ll want to find a local source for other farm animals.
  • Fencing: Portable fence is a must-have for almost any critter on a sustainable farm.  We like Premier1.
  • Coop: Give a pre-made coop or build one together.
  • Hutch: Meat rabbits require a hutch.  Gift a pre-made hutch or build one together.
  • Plants: Fruit trees, Nut trees, pine trees, berry bushes, kiwi vines, herbs, and more.  Find a local organic source or order online from Stark Bros.
  • Seeds: Vegetables, sunflowers, zinnias, etc.  Find a local organic nursery or order from Johnny’s Seeds.
  • Workshops: Send your farm kid to a workshop about raising goats, butchering chickens, or trapping predators.

Perfect Gifts for Farm Kids | Roots & Boots
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Outdoor Play

All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy.  Farm kids need to play, too!

Outdoor play equipment is especially important for homeschooled farm kids and for farm families who love to entertain or who regularly host farm customers.

I’ve already compiled lists of recommended sporting goods and equipment for outdoor play on this list of 100+ Non-toy Gifts for Kids, so be sure to check that out!

More Gift Ideas

Our kids definitely do not need more stuff, which is why I’ve worked hard to compile a few more lists of useful and meaningful gifts for kids.  You’ll find more perfect gifts for farm kids on these lists…

What would you add to this list of gifts for farm kids?  Which gifts have your farm kids loved?

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