Awesome Scripture Music for Kids

Awesome Scripture Music for Kids: Songs for Saplings

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Listening to Bible verses set to song is an amazingly effective way to memorize Scripture.  What better way to encourage your family’s efforts at Bible memory than listening to awesome Scripture music for kids? 

With the holiday season upon us, I should point out that CDs make great stocking stuffers.  I’m always on the lookout for small but meaningful gifts for Christmas stockings (and Easter baskets, etc.), and awesome Scripture music for kids fits the bill!  If you’re more technologically advanced and prefer to download mp3 versions, you could always print out the CD cover to stick in stockings or baskets.  

Listed below are my family’s favorite sets of Scripture tunes, plus a few more from my wish list…

By the way, if you’ve struggled to find a good system for consistent Bible memory at your house, I highly recommend this simple family Scripture memory system.

Awesome Scripture Music for Kids

My family’s very favorite Scripture music!

1. Hide ‘Em In Your Heart

Steve Green’s 2-volume set of Scripture memory songs is my favorite!  I don’t care if Steve Green is out of date, and apparently my kids don’t care either.  Hide ‘Em In Your Heart is responsible for quite a few memorized verses at my house!  We’ve been listening to these songs since my 11yo was a toddler.

Tip: if you like to keep catchy music separate from soothing music, divide up the 41 songs into two separate playlists.  I love to play the soothing songs when everyone needs to calm down.  The more upbeat songs are perfect for energetic play or chores time.

Awesome Scripture Music for Kids: Seeds of Worship | Roots & Boots
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2. Seeds of Worship

Seeds of Worship feels like the more grown up, contemporary version of Hide ‘Em In Your HeartThe two are not related.  My older boys, 11 & 7, are really starting to connect with this more sophisticated and very professionally produced set of Scripture songs.

3. Hidden in My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture

Soothing lullabies.  Perfect for babies, young children, and frazzled moms of all ages.  Just sayin’.

4. Slugs & Bugs: Sing the Bible

If your family appreciates silly, creative music, you’ll love Slugs & Bugs.  My boys love these zany tunes!  Singer/Songwriter Randall Goodgame is pretty hilarious, and his talented pal Andrew Peterson appears on most albums.

Check out Sing the Bible 1, Sing the Bible 2, and Sing the Bible Family Christmas.  We’ve also enjoyed other non-Scripture music from Slugs & Bugs, including Under Where?, Lullabies, and their first Christmas album.

More Awesome Scripture Music for Kids

We don’t own these yet, but they seem like great picks!

5. Fighter Verse Songs

We love John Piper and his site Desiring God.  Did you know there is also a companion site for kids, called Children Desiring God?  CDG has developed an excellent Scripture Memory resource for families called Fighter Verses.  They’ve added study materials and CD collections of the verses set to music.

6. Songs for Saplings

Adorable, alphabet-themed Bible memory songs for the younger crowd.  A for Apple, B for Bread, C for Changed, and so forth.

7. Entrusted with a Child’s Heart

I just discovered this collection of 23 Scripture verses set to song, and it’s jumped to the top of my Scripture music wish list.  The style is a little folksy, a little jazzy, and I find Josh Caterer’s voice soothing.

Awesome Scripture Music for Kids: Meet the Rizers | Roots & Boots
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8. Meet the Rizers

If you and your kiddos like to rock out around the house or in the car, you’ll love Meet the Rizers.  Scripture verses set to catchy pop-style tunes.  Rock your heart out!  Be prepared for lots of dancing…

9. Integrity Music

These albums of Scripture memory songs are definitely old school, but Amazon reviewers seem to love them!

Awesome Bible Music for Kids

Not exactly Scripture verses, but wonderful collections of Bible stories told in song.

10. Rain for Roots: Big Stories for Little Ones

We love this collection of folksy tunes.  Super soothing and perfect for the younger crowd.  If your crew loves folk music, check out my family’s favorite folk music for family listening, two of our favorite family folk singers, and a favorite collection of Christmas folk music.

11. The Singing Bible

The Singing Bible has been around for a long time.  Starting in Genesis, a grandfatherly character walks children through an overview of the Bible.  Many major events are included, and each story is accompanied by an original song.  I’ll be the first to admit that some of the songs are pretty corny, but my children love it!  They have asked to listen to this collection over and over for almost ten years now.

What did I miss?  Do you have more awesome Scripture music for kids to add to my list?  Please tell me in the comments below…

Awesome Scripture Music for Kids: 11 Best Albums | Roots & Boots
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  1. Daun on 01/10/2018 at 12:24 am

    Hi, Kathleen
    We are old fans of Hide-em In Your Heart (S. Green), but aren’t familiar w/ the other scripture c.d.s you mention here. Is there a way (I’ve tried, but not been successful) to hear a sample song from any/all of these so one could decide whether or not to order?
    Thanks very much for researching them,


    P.S. I am an old almost-grandmother & just finished home school mom, and have NO idea what to do on blogs (how to communicate, etc.)

    • Kathleen on 01/10/2018 at 9:51 pm

      Hi Daun, Congrats on finishing your homeschooling, wow! That day seems so far away for me…

      And yes, you can listen to samples of most songs. If you have Amazon Prime, you can actually listen to some of them for free. Like the Seeds of Worship albums. If you have Amazon Prime, click here to listen to one of the Seeds albums.

      You could also try searching for some of the songs on YouTube. Click here for a list of Slugs & Bugs songs.

      Here’s a little video about the Fighter Verses project, with excerpts from a few songs. If you play around with the Amazon listings, YouTube searches, and look for each group’s particular website, you should be able to listen to samples. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Daun on 01/18/2018 at 1:13 am

        Thanks so much, Kathleen, for your input about Scripture songs. Although we just cancelled Prime, I was able to listen to a couple of samples via YouTube. Hadn’t even thought of that! “Power Verse” songs fr/ Desiring God Ministries sound fantastic!

        I look forward to trying to explore your site more in future.

        Thanks again,


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