Natural Remedies

Should You Get the Flu Shot?

    The Flu Shot and Other Vaccines There is so much hype in the media about the flu and the flu shot, but few people know much about the vaccine itself. 

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Boost Your Immune System with Homemade Elderberry Syrup

Boost Your Immune System with Make-Your-Own-Elderberry-Syrup

Have you tried elderberry syrup?  It’s a natural way to support the immune system, especially during the cold and flu season.

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Zand HerbaLozenges: fight colds and flu naturally!

Here at the Yankee Homestead, we’re almost completely free of all prescription drugs, as well as over-the-counter remedies. We prevent and treat our illnesses and injuries with real food, read food supplements, essential oils and other natural remedies. Here’s one of my favorites for treating and preventing colds and the flu, as well as for…

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Hard Lotion Bars

DIY Hard Lotion Bars

Are your hands dry and cracked?  Do you struggle with itchy rashes?  Could your feet use some serious softening?  What about your elbows? This hard lotion is amazing!  I’ve been making it for several years now.  We use it mostly on our hands and lips, but you can use it anywhere you’ve got skin. I…

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Tea Time: Traditional Medicinals Herbal Teas for Self Care

Anytime is a good time for tea, but fall weather always makes me want to savor a nice cup of tea. Not to mention that the changing weather can tend to usher in a host of unwanted conditions such as congestion, colds, sore throats and the like. Let me share one of the tricks I…

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