This Year’s First Harvest

green beans from the garden

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The other night, we enjoyed our first garden harvest with dinner: green beans!  

Funny story:

In between bites of green beans, I said to Mr. Native Texan: These green beans taste much better than last year”s.  (Pause for thinking) Probably because I cooked them in sausage drippings this time, huh?

He almost spit out his green-beans-cooked-in-sausage-drippings, and then agreed with my line of thinking.

So just in case you were wondering, green beans cooked in sausage drippings–plus a bit of unrefined sea salt–taste infinitely better than steamed green beans.

And just in case you’ve been wondering about the second part of This Year’s Garden Experiment, it’s coming soon….along with an update on how our garden is growing.  (I’ve got good news and bad news.)

So stay tuned…

What have you harvested from your garden?

green beans from the garden
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