Spring Pollen Essential Oil Blend

Spring Survival Roller Blend

Spring is just around the corner, y’all, and I’m already feeling the effects.  Achoo!  Thankfully, we’ve got natural solutions like this spring pollen essential oil roller blend.

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Seasonal Book Display

5 Tips for a Successful Nature Walk with Kids {Bonus Tip-Read Up}

Before this Nature Walk series comes to an end, I can’t resist sharing one final bonus tip.  It’s super easy and fun to do, and will add much more meaning to your nature walks…

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Children's Books about Gardens

8 More Favorite Children’s Books about Gardens

In addition to these 11 Favorite Children’s Books about Seeds and Gardens and these 4 More Delightful Children’s Books about Gardening, we’ve got yet another list of Favorite Children’s Books about Gardens to share with you. And just in time for this year’s growing season!  

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Books about Rain

Favorite Children’s Books, Poems & Songs About Rain

We love to read here at the Yankee Homestead, as you may know by now.  In addition to just plain good stories, we especially love to read books that correspond to the seasons, holidays and events of our lives. At this time of year, it seems particularly appropriate to share with you our favorite titles about Rain.…

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4 More Delightful Children’s Books About Gardening

Guess what: we’ve discovered four new favorite children’s books about gardening!  Anyone else get all excited to read about gardens with their kids?

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Mud by Mary Lyn Ray

Mud: The Hills Will Remember Their Colors

We’ve discovered another great book to add to our Favorite Books for Spring: Mud!  What could be better than reading about all the ways to use and enjoy mud?  

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Favorite Children’s Books for Spring

  Does your family celebrate the changing of each season? Spring is always an exciting time with so much happening in the great outdoors. Help your kids notice and understand the signs of spring by reading some of these wonderful books together!  

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Poems for Spring

In preparation for the spring term of our small, Charlotte Mason homeschool co-op, I went looking for some good “springtime” poems.  My favorites are listed below. Older Brother and his peers will memorize one of these poems–or two, if they’re short–but I hope to enjoy the entire list at home with the boys as we…

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