Toxin-Free Eye Makeup Remover

olive oil, jojoba oil & castor oil

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eye cleansing pad
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Did you know that most eye makeup removers contain toxic ingredients? 

Try looking up your favorite brand on EWG’s awesome Skin Deep cosmetics data base.

My favorite ways to remove eye makeup naturally:

1. Oil and cotton ball

I use a mixture of olive, castor and jojoba oil, but you can use just about any kind of vegetable oil. Olive and jojoba are moisturizing, which is perfect for the eye area!

I squirt a tiny amount of oil onto my finger tips and massage it into my eye area (with eyes closed, of course!). Then I wet a cotton ball with warm water, and sweep it across the eye area. Repeat until all or most of the makeup is removed. (The rest will come off when I wash my face.)

olive oil, jojoba oil & castor oil
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2. E-cloth eye cleansing pad

This is my new experiment! It’s the awesome dirt-grabbing capabilities of microfiber, in a tiny, soft pad especially designed for eye makeup removal.  [Read more about my love of e-cloths for non-toxic house cleaning.]

The instructions are to dampen the cloth, and then create a lather by adding a small amount of soap.  I used my favorite Tropical Traditions unscented liquid soap the first time which worked just fine.  We normally keep that soap in the shower, though, and I really don’t want to add another bottle to my medicine cabinet.  So I’m experimenting with using the oils and the eye pad together.  (My only concern is that the oils will clog the fibers of the cloth, over time.)  So far, so good!

I love that I can re-use the eye pad.  And I love how soft it is–feels so much nicer than cotton balls!  Plus, cotton balls often leave behind tiny strands that inevitably get caught in my eye lashes and irritate my eyes. 

There you have it, my favorite ways to remove eye makeup without using harsh (& toxic) liquids or creams.

What about you?  What do you use?

Looking for non-toxic makeup?  Check out some of my favorite brands!

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