11 Ways to Enjoy Winter with Your Kids

11 Ways to Enjoy Winter with Your Kids

I get it–I know cabin fever is a real thing.  I know it’s hard to get everyone bundled up. I know it’s cold.  I know some days are sunless and dreary.  Many people simply do not enjoy winter. While I happen to love winter–A decade spent in Texas left me homesick for full blown seasons and I was thrilled to return…

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5 Tips for a Successful Nature Walk with Kids {Bonus Tip-Read Up}

Before this Nature Walk series comes to an end, I can’t resist sharing one final bonus tip.  It’s super easy and fun to do, and will add much more meaning to your nature walks…

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Animal Tracks in the Snow

Exploring Nature With Kids: Winter Nature Walk {Animal Tracks}

  Winter may not seem like the ideal time for a Nature Walk, but don’t let the cold snowy weather prevent you from enjoying the great outdoors.  I guarantee you’ll make a few discoveries that will outweigh the effort required to execute a Winter Nature Walk. For more tips and inspiration, check out: Exploring Nature…

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Favorite Stories and Poems for Winter Weather

I don’t know about you, but we’re currently buried in snow.  About 16 inches of it, to be exact. Wonderful Books about Snow At the Yankee Homestead, one of the best things about snow is all the wonderful books that are just perfect for snowy day reading.  In fact, we never know which one to…

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Winter Nature Walk

Exploring Nature With Kids: Winter Nature Walk {Getting Started}

  Don’t let frigid temperatures keep you from getting outside and exploring nature!  With proper winter attire, nature walks through the snow can be a highlight of your nature adventures.

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Winter Nature Walk on the W&OD Trail (& excellent nature biography for kids)

Background Info: Older Brother and I just finished reading this awesome book, The Flower Hunter, about William Bartram, America’s first naturalist.  His father, John Bartram, was America’s first botanist.  So, so fun to read about their explorations as they studied and gathered plants. As a botanist, John Bartram taught his son William to observe nature…

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Happy Winter: this year’s favorite winter book

Happy Winter by Karen Gundersheimer is our new favorite children’s book for winter. (Last year, it was Red Fox Running by Eve Bunting, of which I can still recite the first four lines: Red fox running, /  Running through the snow, / White sky above / And white earth below. / ). We discovered Happy…

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Our Favorite Winter Poem

In certain circles, I am known for having a song or poem for any and every occasion. It’s a handy trait, I must say, especially when there are young children living in your home. The snowflake picture frame (shown above) was a random gift to us, just perfect for displaying our favorite winter poem. We…

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Favorite Winter Books for Children

Favorite Winter Books for Children

The following is a collection of our favorite winter books for children.  Each title is a treasured friend at my house and I hope your family will love these books, too!

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