Awesome Scripture Music for Kids: Songs for Saplings

Awesome Scripture Music for Kids

Listening to Bible verses set to song is an amazingly effective way to memorize Scripture.  What better way to encourage your family’s efforts at Bible memory than listening to awesome Scripture music for kids? 

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Fun Scripture Music for Kids

Easter is just around the corner, and here’s an idea for a meaningful, non-candy item to include in those Easter baskets… Scripture Music for Kids: Hide ’em in Your Heart This set of two CD’s has been a big hit at our house.  We’ve listened to them for years, since Older Brother (7) was about two.…

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Recommended Family Resource: The Singing Bible

Just the other day, out of the blue, Older Brother asked if I would load The Singing Bible onto his ipod. [Note: He received a tiny ipod and docking station for his 6th birthday, in order to listen to quality literature during his rest time.  Yes, it was expensive, but we considered it an investment in…

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Folk Music for Family Listening

Favorite Folk Music for Family Listening

“All music is folk music, I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song.” –Louis Armstrong, one of the greatest artists in jazz history Sadly, all music is NOT folk music, and some kids’ music is downright annoying.  Tired of listening to Veggie Tales and The Wiggles?  Need some great road trip tunes for a…

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