Sneaky Soaker Wool Pants for Cloth Diapers

Sneaky Soaker Wool Pants

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It’s no secret that I’ve become a big fan of cloth diapering with wool.  Today I’m excited to tell you about some pretty awesome wool pants we’ve been testing out here at the homestead…

Wool is Awesome for Overnight

Our adventures in wool diapering began with my search for a solution to Baby Brother’s overnight leaks.  Wool is amazing for overnight!

All along, I was pretty happy to be cloth diapering, but I didn’t truly love it until we discovered wool.  Overnight wool is what totally sold me on cloth diapering.

You can read more about my overnight wool recommendations here: Overnight Leak Protection with Cloth Diapers.

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Wool is Also Awesome for Daytime

The next step was to experiment with wool during the day, but daytime wool can be a bit trickier for several reasons:

1.  Baby is more active.

2.  Compression leaks are an issue when baby sits in an exersaucer, high chair or booster, car seat, etc.

3.  Layering clothing over wool diaper covers can lead to moisture wicking onto baby’s clothes.

4.  Layering clothing over wool diaper covers also gets very bulky.

After experimenting (during the winter*) with several daytime options including various wool diaper covers under regular pants, and various pairs of wool pants, I have a definite favorite.

*Note: I’m eager to try daytime wool during the summer, when it seems possible to use a wool diaper cover in the place of regular shorts.  This will eliminate several issues–wicking, bulkiness, etc.

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My Favorite Wool Pants for Cloth Diapers

Shannon from the etsy shop Grace’s Dresser sent me a pair of her handmade Sneaky Soaker wool pants.


What is a Sneaky Soaker?

What exactly is a Sneaky Soaker, you may ask.  Well, if you’ve ever tried to dress a baby in both wool diaper covers and those ever prevalent onesie-style shirts that snap over the diaper area, you know it’s a challenge.

Three basic options, none of which are ideal:

  1. Let the shirttails hang out over the wool cover.
  2. Snap the shirt over the wool cover.
  3. Alter the shirt by removing the troublesome shirttails and hemming it up like a regular shirt.

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Sneaky Soakers from Grace’s Dresser are designed to solve this problem with two layers of wool.  Snap the shirt over the inner layer of wool, and pull the outer layer up over the diaper area.  It’s like an all-in-one diaper cover and pants that accommodates onesie-style baby shirts.

As our third son, Baby Brother has access to a boat load of hand-me-downs.  And as you might imagine, a huge percentage of those hand-me-down shirts are onesie-style.

Sneaky Soaker wool pants have allowed us to continue using our hand-me-down onesies while also introducing day time wool diapering.  I love it!

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9 Things I Love About Sneaky Soaker Wool Pants

1.  Adorable:  Wool pants designed to look like jeans–how cute is that??

2.  Soft: No scratchy wool here–this wool is so soft against Baby Brother’s skin.

3.  Sturdy: One of the things that impressed me the most about our Sneaky Soaker pants is how well-made they are.  I’m talking heirloom quality.

4.  Ingenious: I just love to support work-at-home-moms who design the perfect solution to a common problem.  Shannon took the problem of daytime wool diapering–what to do about all those onesies with snaps–and came up with a beautiful solution.

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5.  Thick: Each layer of wool is super-thick.  Pairing these pants with a non-onesie shirt doubles those thick layers of protection–it’s great to have that option!

6.  Adjustable Waist: The drawstring waist allowed Baby Brother to grow into these pants, which were a tad big when he first started wearing them.

7.  Lots of give: Baby Brother has worn these pants for several months, and I’m confident they’ll continue to fit him for quite a while.  Somehow the wool stretches to accommodate his size.  (Kinda reminds me of the story of The Mitten…)

8.  Versatile: Sneaky Soaker wool pants are awesome for cloth diapering, especially with onesies, but they’d be equally great for the non-cloth crowd.  They’re just adorable, well-made wool pants!

9.  Customer Service: Shannon provided excellent customer service throughout our entire transaction.  She even sent me two sizes of Sneaky Soakers so I could determine which size fit the best for my little guy, and allowed me to return the extra pair.  Furthermore, she offered to create a custom pair.  Because of the adjustable waist and the roomy fit of these pants (see #6 and #7), the Medium size wound up fitting him perfectly.

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I highly recommend Sneaky Soakers to anyone cloth diapering with wool–it’s just the solution I needed for using wool diaper covers during the day.

Sneaky Soaker Shorties

As we head into warmer weather, you may be wondering if wool pants are practical for the summer months.

First of all, I’ve heard that wool is great for keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We haven’t tested that yet, since our adventures with wool diapering began in the winter and it’s only now starting to warm up a bit here on the east coast…

Secondly, Shannon is currently working on Sneaky Soaker Shorties.  So stay tuned for those…I can’t wait to see them!

Discount and Giveaway!

You’ll also want to stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway, in which one lucky Yankee Homestead reader will win a pair of Sneaky Soaker wool pants.  It could be you!

In the meantime, you can use coupon code HOMESTEAD to receive 10% off your entire order from Grace’s Dresser through April 30th, 2015.


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