Reusable Snack Bags: Re-pac Bags

Re-pac Bags

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Recently, a reader (and friend) alerted me to a line of reusable snack bags called Re-pac Bags.

{Thanks, Katie B!}

As a part of My Ongoing Household Detox Resolution, I am always testing out new products and trying new ways to avoid toxins in our home.

So I was delighted when Re-pac Bags sent me a set of four bags–each in a different size–to review for you here at Yankee Homestead.

Re-pac Bags
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This is the set I received for review: small, medium, large and gallon.

I’ll share a more detailed review below, but here’s the bottom line:

I love them! 


Pros: What I Love about Re-pac Bags

1. Zipper:  The zippers on our Re-pac Bags are fantastic–very sturdy and easy to operate.

Some of our other brands of reusable bags have velcro closures, which has proven to be problematic.  Velcro snags clothes!  It’s also very loud to open, which can be troublesome in certain situations.

2. Easy to Care For:  These bags are a snap to wash.  

I just toss them in the washing machine, and hang them over a hook to dry.  The fabric is very stain-resistant, which is perfect for a busy family.

3. Colors:  Stain resistant and husband-approved.

Some of our other bags have absolutely adorable designs and prints, but most of them involve a white background which can show stains.

Re-pac Bags come in a variety of solid colors, with a few prints to choose from–none of which have white backgrounds.  This is a plus for me!

Our bags are “Wasabi Green” and have held up extremely well–no discoloring at all!  Additionally, Mr. Native Texan prefers these bags due to their non-girly, non-childish, solid green color. 🙂

4. Lifetime Warranty:  Re-pac wants their customers to be happy.

Check out the warranty here: Re-pac Bags Lifetime Warranty.

Cons: (I Could Find Only One)

1. Zipper Placement:  The only possible downside to these bags–and it’s not a very significant one–has to do with the location of the zipper.  

Because the zipper is not located on the top seam of the bag, but is about an inch or two down from that seam, it can sometimes be tricky to dump out the contents of the bag.

Does that make sense?

Sometimes the boys leave some snack in their bags, and I have to empty them out.  So, because the zipper placement creates a bit of a pocket when the bag is turned upside down, some pieces of food usually get caught in that part and I have to sort of jiggle them out, or force that part of the bag inside out.

Our other bags avoid this (minor) problem with a zipper on the top seam, or a top flap that lays flat when opened.  Again, I don’t think it’s a big deal.


All in all, Re-pac Bags have passed our Yankee Homestead tests with flying colors.  We love our set, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to you.


Gallon Re-pac Bag Filled with Popcorn
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Gallon-sized Re-pac Bag filled with Stovetop Popcorn for our trip to the beach.

A few more details


Exciting news: Stay tuned for more details about a Re-pac Bags Giveaway, coming soon!

Update: Check out the giveaway details here.




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  1. Angela on 07/17/2013 at 11:12 am

    Love these…I purchased my at QVC.

  2. Katie B on 07/17/2013 at 1:26 pm

    I really like them overall! They had a half-off special at livingsocial. My only con: I used them for raspberries one day, and the bag leaked some juice.

    • Kathleen on 07/17/2013 at 2:15 pm

      Katie–We’ve really liked them, too. (Thanks for telling me about them!) And I haven’t found any reusable bags that are 100% leak proof. Have you tried LunchBots? We love ours and use them often. They’re good for foods that can leak.

    • Kathleen on 07/17/2013 at 2:16 pm

      Angela–good to know they’re available from QVC–thanks!

  3. Robin on 07/19/2013 at 1:49 am

    They sound great. I saw they have a deal on living social right now too. I can’t wait to try them.

    • Kathleen on 08/02/2013 at 1:27 am

      I saw that deal, too. And I believe they often offer discounts via their Facebook page.

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