Must-Have Essential Oils for Travel

Must-Have Essential Oils for Travel

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When your personal oils stash includes more than 80 singles and blends, it can be hard to narrow the collection down to a manageable list of must-have essential oils for travel.

Must-have essential oils for travel

I’m going on a trip.  Which oils should I bring?

This question comes up so often in my team’s essential oils group on Facebook that I’m finally answering it here on the blog.

Each oiler has their own preferences and specific health needs, but the following essential oils are what I consider to be the bare minimum for traveling.

After the list, keep reading for more details about how each oil can be used while traveling.

  1. Correct-X
  2. Deep Blue
  3. DigestZen
  4. Frankincense
  5. Lavender
  6. Lemon
  7. Melaleuca (tea tree)
  8. On Guard
  9. Peppermint
  10. Wild Orange
  11. Helichrysum

Must-Have Essential Oils for Travel | Roots & Boots
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If you have more room…

Include these oils, too, if you have the space.

  1. AromaTouch
  2. On Guard Hand Spray
  3. Peppermint beadlets
  4. Purify
  5. Mood blend: BalancePeace, or custom blend
  6. Outdoor blend: TerraShield

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How to use your must-have essential oils for travel

1. Correct-X

Correct-X is a multipurpose ointment for soothing skin irritations and rashes and can even be used as lip gloss in a pinch!  It’s the perfect first aid solution.

2. Deep Blue

Deep Blue to the rescue when there’s a bump or a bang or any kind of discomfort in the muscles or joints, and it’s a great solution for monthly aches and head tension.

Must-Have Essential Oils for Travel | Roots & Boots
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3. DigestZen

Use DigestZen to soothe a host of digestive troubles, which is helpful on trips where you might be consuming new or strange foods.

4. Frankincense

When in doubt, Frankincense is another great option.  In fact, Frank is my #1 favorite oil because it’s amazing for so many purposes: immune support, calming, sleep, first aid, muscles & joints, respiration, head tension, and skin.

5. Lavender

When in doubt, use Lavender!  Just like Correct-X, Lavender is helpful for skin irritations and rashes, as well as bug bites, soreness, calming, and sleep.

Must-Have Essential Oils for Travel | Roots & Boots
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6. Lemon

I love adding 1-2 drops of Lemon to my drinking water to sip throughout the day.  Lemon is also useful for deodorizing, degreasing, and stain removal, as well as for drippy noses, respiratory support, and seasonal irritations.

7. Melaleuca (tea tree)

Melaleuca is another great multipurpose oil to keep handy, especially while traveling.  It soothes skin irritations, supports the immune system, and makes a great cleaner.  We also love it for soothing seasonal irritations as well as irritated throats, and supporting a healthy scalp.

8. On Guard (or favorite immune support oils)

Keep your immune system healthy when traveling!  Whether you’re breathing shared, recirculated air in an airplane or you’ve been exposed to a companion’s germs, using your immune support oils daily will help to keep you well.  If you start to feel run down or under the weather, increase the frequency of use.  You can’t afford to get sick while traveling!

9. Peppermint

We use Peppermint to freshen breath, keep drivers alert, calm queasy tummies in the car, open airways, and soothe seasonal irritations.  I never leave home without it.

Must-Have Essential Oils for Travel | Roots & Boots
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10. Wild Orange

I just love Wild Orange and never leave home without it.  It combines well with Peppermint for a diffuser blend in the car, and I love to wear or inhale Wild Orange for calming anxious feelings (mine or the kids’) and even for sleep.  It tastes great in water, too!

11. Helichrysum

I never leave home without this amazing first aid oil!  It can help to stop bleeding, prevent swelling, reduce discomfort, and promote healthy skin recovery.

12. AromaTouch

AromaTouch is an all-around great blend for muscles and soreness.  It’s also perfect for growing pains!  Dilute and apply topically to sore legs and feet after lots of walking, or add a few drops to bath water for a soothing soak.

Must-Have Essential Oils for Travel | Roots & Boots
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13. On Guard hand spray

A simple On Guard hand spray does triple duty: use it to clean hands, to spray down questionable surfaces, and to support your immune system.  Apply to the spine and the soles of the feet for immune support, and to the neck/throat area to soothe a sore throat, making sure to rub it in after application.

Make it yourself or purchase the premade version.

14. Peppermint beadlets

Peppermint beadlets are simple for popping in your mouth to accomplish the same purposes as Peppermint oil (above).  I’m sort of addicted to them…

15. Purify

Purify is an amazing deodorizer!  I often tap 1-2 drops into the stinky toilet bowel of a public restroom.  Purify is also great at removing stains, soothing bee stings, calming seasonal irritations (especially itchy eyes), and spot treatment on the face.

Must-Have Essential Oils for Travel | Roots & Boots
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16. Mood blend: BalancePeace, or custom blend

What’s your favorite oil or blend for mood boosting power?  Click here for my absolute, all-time favorite blend.  I carry this blend everywhere to use when I’m stuck in traffic, feeling tired or anxious, or just want to smell great.  Whatever your favorite mood blend, be sure to carry it with you when you travel.

17. Bonus: Outdoor blend: TerraShield

If you’re camping or hiking or planning any activities in the great outdoors, you’ll also want to pack your TerraShield repellent blend.  I love the handy spray on version.

18. Bonus: carrier oil

I always carry a small amount of carrier oil, whether in my purse or packed in a travel case, because essential oils should always be diluted for kids, and usually for adults, too.  I love mini sprayers for my purse and travel sized bottles for my toiletry case.

Which are your must-have essential oils for travel?


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  1. cindy larson on 07/19/2020 at 10:04 pm

    well i was wondering if you can me this essential oils for travel so i can copy it

    • Kathleen on 07/23/2020 at 1:39 pm

      Hi Cindy, are you needing a list of the oils?

  2. silentmoviefan on 08/05/2020 at 11:18 pm

    Hi Kathleen. To keep up my optimism I’m working on future trips and this is one of my go-to lists. A question for you. Since disinfectant wipes are in short supply, what would you suggest as a self-made mix or purchasable spray for me to use on airplanes, in hotel rooms and on cruise ships? I was thinking On-Guard? i could take these disposable 100% cotton cloths I use for drying my face, etc. to clean once I spray the surfaces. Thanks. Tina!

    • Kathleen on 08/05/2020 at 11:48 pm

      Hi Tina, yes, I’d definitely recommend doTERRA’s On Guard spray. 🙂

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