Hip Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry: My Top Picks {with coupon codes!}

Hip Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

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Once upon a time, essential oil diffuser jewelry fell mainly into categories that just weren’t my jam.  Like clay pendants and silver lockets.  And hey, if you love clay pendants and silver lockets, that’s cool.  I’m not judging.  To each her own.

Thankfully, somewhere along the way someone discovered that leather, wooden beads, and lava rock make beautiful and effective diffuser jewelry.  These materials happen to be much more my speed, and I happily test drove a number of pieces to figure out which ones work (and look) best.

So today I’m finally answering your questions about my favorite essential oil diffuser jewelry!

  • Can you write a blog post about the earrings you wear?  –Stefanie
  • Do you have any recommendations for an essential oil bracelet?  –Jodi
  • I love your earrings!  Where did you get them?  –Chelsea

…and I’m excited to share coupon codes and a sweet giveaway, too.

Ready for my favorites?  There are so many options when it comes to essential oil diffuser jewelry, but hopefully my list of top picks will point you in the right direction.

Hip Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry | Yankee Homestead
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Hip Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

I’ve divided this list into three sections: earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.  Several of the shops and makers have a discount for my readers, so be sure to scroll down to snag those coupon codes (plus a giveaway!).  And be sure to check out all the other beautiful pieces offered by each shop!


Earrings are my favorite type of diffuser jewelry because they keep the oils close to my nose, where I can smell them best.

1. Inverted Tear Drop with Black Lava Rock – Simply Quinns

I get compliments on these earrings every time I wear them.  They are so beautiful on their own and the diffusing option is an added bonus.  Pictured above.

2. Leather tear drop – Baubles by B

These fun tear drop earrings come in so many colors, patterns, textures, and sizes.  I have several styles in the 2 inch size, and one pair in the 3 inch size.  The smallest size is perfect for little girls.

3. Vegan Suede Tassel – LoilJ

Tassel earrings are fun and casual.  I’ve discovered that long, round-ish earrings tend to work best with my hair style, whereas my tassel earrings tend to disappear into my short, curly hair.

If you have straight, medium to long hair or if you like to wear your hair pulled back, you might love these tassels!

4. Leather Leaf Earrings – Just A Drop

Pointed at the bottom, this bohemian earring style comes in a wide array of colors and patterns.


Bracelets are a handy way to diffuse essential oils because you can just lift your wrist and take a whiff whenever you need to.

1. Hexagon Wrap – LoilJ

I love, love, love my vegan leather hexagon wrap from LoilJ!  I have the hexagon wrap in black and the single bracelet in stone.  These bracelets are fun to stack, but can be worn alone for a simple look.

As an added bonus, the wrap bracelet also functions as a choker necklace.

2. Braided Bracelet – Just A Drop

I love the wide range of colors and styles available from Just A Drop, and I prefer the button closure.

Tip: For a quick and easy on/off process, skip the closure altogether.  I like to slide one finger back and forth inside the bracelet to ease it on or off my wrist.  This stretches the bracelet slightly, just enough to make it over my knuckles.

3. Natural Sandalwood Bracelet – The Nature Designs

I love the stacked wooden bead bracelet I picked up at doTERRA convention last year, but haven’t been able to track down the retailer.  Mine was actually designed to function as an Apple watch band, but I wear it without the watch and it fits my wrist perfectly.

To get the same look, try stacking three of these beautiful bracelets from The Nature Designs.


Diffuser necklaces provide a fun way to create a personal fragrance.  I definitely notice the aroma less on my necklaces than I do on my earrings, but I still love to wear them because it makes me smell fantastic and it benefits those around me (like my kids–my youngest loves to smell my leather tassel pendant).  And the longer the necklace, the easier it is to lift the oily part for a quick whiff when necessary.

1. Organic Wood Pendant – Dixie Mango

I love the simplicity of this wood pendant.  Plus, it’s made from organic trees straight from the artisan’s farm.  How cool is that?

2. Tassel Necklace – LoilJ

Sadly, my favorite Beaded Pendant with Leather Tassel from Sew Grown is no longer available.  This tassel necklace is a similar option.  I’m always amazed at the long lasting aroma provided by the leather tassel!

Hip Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry | Yankee Homestead
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3. Lava Bead Minimalist Necklace – Lemon Sweet

This simple lava rock necklace is similar to one gifted to me by a friend. It coordinates nicely with my inverted tear drop earrings from SimplyQuinns.

Hip Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry | Yankee Homestead
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Coupon codes

Please enjoy a discount on your purchases from the following shops!

  • Baubles by B: Receive 15% off your $20 order with code HOMESTEAD15
  • Dixie Mango: Receive 15% off your order with code YANKEE15
  • Just A Drop: Receive 15% off your order with code YANKEEHOMESTEAD (expires Dec. 1, 2019)
  • LoilJ: Receive 15% off your order with code YANKEE15
  • Simply Quinns: Receive 20% off your order with HOMESTEAD20 (expires April 30, 2019)

Hip Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry | Yankee Homestead
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Update: this giveaway has ended.

I’m super excited to offer a giveaway of a few awesome pieces of diffuser jewelry!  The winner will receive a navy hexagon wrap bracelet and gold tassel earrings from LoilJ, plus a navy braided bracelet and a sand braided button bracelet, AND a $20 credit to shop at Baubles by B.

To enter the giveaway, please head over to Instagram and follow the instructions there.

Click here to enter the giveaway on Instagram!

Have you tried essential oil diffuser jewelry?  What’s your favorite oil to wear on your diffuser jewelry?

Hip Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry | Yankee Homestead
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