Decorating with Junk: Old Doors and a Giant Map of Texas

Door Shelf

The results of a few recent “Decorating with Junk” projects…


Shelf of Love

Remember this awkward corner of our master bedroom?

Well, it’s still not finished.

But this display shelf–made from an old door from my dad’s barn, plus wooden brackets and shelves we had on hand–turned out fantastically!

Door to Nowhere

This chippy, old door–now hanging above our living room mantel–also came from my dad’s barn.

I have other improvements planned for this space, but this is a huge step in the right direction!

Here’s Your Sign

Texas Sign
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A combination of a cool, vintage gift from a friend {Thanks, Jeané!}, plus an old, castoff gate from my dad’s barn now hangs in a problem spot of the house–disguising an unsightly vent and adding charm to a main thoroughfare.

Style is luxury

I may not {ever} be finished decorating This Old House, but projects like these keep me going, and add meaningful personality to our everyday living spaces.

To quote Deborah Needleman, the author of The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well

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–one of my new favorite decorating books,

Luxury cannot be defined by expense or by grandeur.
Style is luxury, and luxury is simply what makes you happy.


Each of these three projects makes me happy.  Every day.

And that, my friend, is luxury.



Door Shelf
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Kathleen Henderson

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  1. Avatar Courtney on 08/13/2013 at 10:19 am

    Kathleen- i absolutely LOVE your “shelf of love” project. will you be revealing a photo of the entire corner soon?–with the lamp and all? can’t wait!

  2. Kathleen Kathleen on 11/18/2014 at 2:23 am

    Courtney, I’m sort of embarrassed to respond to your comment more than a year later, but I finally have an update. 🙂 The new light has been installed, and I love it! Details coming soon…

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