What I Learned About Money from a Velveeta Cheese Box

What I Learned about Money from a Velveeta Cheese Bank

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I guest posted this week over at Money Saving Mom, all about my early budget training as a child, my husband’s lack of budget training, and what we’re doing now to train our own children.  It all started with a Velveeta cheese box…

What I Learned About Money from a Velveeta Cheese Box

The irony is not lost on me.

While my real-food adult self wouldn’t touch the stuff with a ten foot pole, I’m thankful for what I learned about money from a Velveeta cheese box as a child.

My Velveeta Cheese Bank

Velveeta cheese was a normal part of my family’s diet.  So it was natural for my mother to turn an empty Velveeta box into a simple bank for me.

She taped two dividers to the inside of the box to create three separate spaces.  On the outside, she painted the cardboard with bright colors and added the words: Church, Saving, Spending.

Voilá!  A bank.  I was about five years old.

My parents trained me to divide my weekly allowance—and other amounts of money I received—into three portions: Give, Save, Spend.

My First Budget

When I turned 13, my dad took my financial training a step further…

Read the rest of my guest post at moneysavingmom.com: What I Learned About Money from a Velveeta Cheese Box.


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