The Best Cloth Diaper for Wool Diaper Covers

The Best Cloth Diaper for Wool Diaper Covers

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The longer I use wool diaper covers, the more I love them.  I’m completely sold on wool!  My only regret is not starting with wool sooner.

When cloth diapering with wool, you’ll obviously need a thick absorbent layer to place inside the cover next to baby’s skin.  There are two basic options for this: something flat or something fitted.

This whole topic of what to use inside your wool diaper covers deserves an entire post with more details.  For now, I’ll save you the trouble of sifting through the various options to tell you about my very favorite one…

My Favorite Cloth Diaper |
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The Best Cloth Diaper for Wool Diaper Covers

After using prefolds and several styles of fitted cloth diapers, my very favorite cloth diaper for wool covers is the Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diaper from Green Mountain Diapers.

Remember the Disana Boiled Wool Wrap that Green Mountain Diapers sent to me for review? (By the way, that’s still my all-time favorite overnight wool diaper cover.)  At that same time, GMD sent me an organic Workhorse diaper.

I loved it so much that I eventually ordered a whole stash of ten Workhorse diapers.

The Best Cloth Diaper for Wool Diaper Covers | Yankee Homestead
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Here’s what I love about the Workhorse:

1. Convenience

Fitted diapers are much more convenient than prefolds or flats, which must be folded and secured.  The Workhorse diaper comes with or without snaps, and goes on and off like a regular diaper.  They make middle of the night diaper changes a breeze!

2. Better Leak Protection

When compared with flats or prefolds, fitted cotton diapers provide much more protection against leaks because of the way they fit around baby’s waist and legs.  The Workhorse keeps everything in place–even solids–until the diaper is removed.

3. More Absorbency

In my experience, fitted cotton diapers absorb more liquid and contain more solids than prefolds.  This is especially helpful for overnight use!  I love the extra layer inside, attached like a flap.  You can double it in front for boys, lay it flat for girls or general daytime use, and even add an extra layer between it and the back of the diaper.

The Best Cloth Diaper for Wool Diaper Covers | Yankee Homestead
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4. Simplicity

The Workhorse diaper is so simple and easy to use.  It looks just like a prefold that’s been made into a fitted diaper!  We have the version with snaps, which offers security and prevents any shifting.

Mr. Native Texan greatly prefers our Workhorse diapers over the prefolds–they really do simplify the cloth diapering process for the less experienced or less enthusiastic.  Think: husbands, grandparents, babysitters. 🙂

5. Adjustability

Although the Workhorse does come in several sizes, we’ve only ever used one size.  We started with size Large when Baby Brother weighed 16 pounds.  Five months later, at more than 20 pounds, that same size still fits him great.  Due to the row of snaps, I anticipate using our stash of size Large Workhorse diapers for many months to come.

The Best Cloth Diaper for Wool Covers | Yankee Homestead
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6. Affordability

Perhaps what I love most about Workhorse fitted diapers is the price!

Obviously, there are lots and lots of options when it comes to fitted cotton diapers.  We’ve tried some really great ones from a few etsy shops, and I’ve read about ever so many more as I’ve researched online.

But the Workhorse from Green Mountain Diapers is simply the most cost effective option I’ve found, without sacrificing quality or performance.

The name really does fit this unassuming cloth diaper: basic and effective, it gets the job done at a great price without extra frills.

Note: I don’t love the Workhorse paired with our Flip diaper covers.  We still use Flip covers during the day, and the best inner layer for those is a prefold.  Prefolds can be folded more precisely and tucked inside the cover more efficiently than a Workhorse diaper, which seems a bit bulky and tends to stick out in places.

If you’re thinking of getting started with wool diaper covers, I highly recommend the Workhorse fitted diaper.  It’s a great overnight option and–if there’s room in your budget–it’s awesome for daytime, too.

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