Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Traditions: Family Memories on the Tree

O Christmas Tree A favorite Christmas tradition for many families is decorating the tree.  I get sort of nostalgic thinking back over the evolution of my family’s collection of ornaments, hodgepodged together over the years…

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Patriotic Book Display

This Land Is Your Land: Patriotic Book Display

Happy Memorial Day from the Yankee Homestead! As you know, we like to celebrate seasons and holidays with books.  Above is a peek at our current book display, in honor of Memorial Day. Many of our patriotic books for kids are nothing too special–just patriotic songs and the pledge of allegiance that I’ve picked up…

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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Children

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Children

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.  From the archives, here are some of our favorite {easy} ways to celebrate the occasion…

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Ready for Valentine's Day?

Ready for Valentine’s Day?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, which is quickly approaching, here are a few fun resources from the Yankee Homestead archives…

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Decorating with old silver trays

Trash to Treasure: Decorating with Old Silver Trays

  I love to repurpose beautiful and interesting pieces in unexpected ways.  I also love easy projects.  Here’s a perfect combination of all of the above! These trays make charming Christmas decor for your home, or as a gift for a friend.  And the possibilities are endless!  Change up the words to display your last…

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Thanksgiving Resources: Stories, Poems, Hymns & More

Are you looking for a meaningful poem, song or hymn to share with your family in celebration of Thanksgiving?  What about great children’s literature about Thanksgiving?

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Christmas Countdown

Family Traditions: The Christmas Countdown

It’s barely November, and already there’s been much talk of the Christmas Countdown. Last year’s favorite activities have been named by both boys.

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How to Give Your House that Holiday Smell

How to Give Your House that ‘Holiday’ Smell–the Easy, Non-Toxic Way

The holiday season is fast approaching.  Many folks love to fill their homes with “holiday scents”–cinnamon, pine, vanilla and citrus are popular aromas that evoke cozy feelings associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas. By now you’re no doubt aware that artificial fragrance is downright dangerous, having been linked to cancer, migraines, fertility issues and the like.…

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Harvest sign

Running Behind: Happy {Belated} Fall!

What with our trip to London {it was so great, and I’ll be blogging more about it sometime soon…} at the beginning of the month, and then trying to play catch up in all areas of life upon our return, we basically skipped the first half of fall. Which is a little bit sad, because…

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Decorated Pumpkins

Tips for A Real Food Halloween

As I’ve pondered how to address today’s Big Candy Fest, I’ve come across a few great tips I thought you might enjoy, too.

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