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Stainless steel divided LunchBots containers are my favorite way to pack meals on the go, sans plastic. Even though we homeschool, we still use these durable bento boxes multiple times each week.  They’re perfect for picnics, meals in the car and more!  I absolutely love them!

See our LunchBots in use here: 14 Ways to Pack a LunchBots and my full review here: Pack a Plastic-Free Lunch with LunchBots Stainless Steel Containers.

We often bring our LunchBots along for a morning of errands or appointments, especially now that Baby Brother is around and needing to eat so often. 🙂  Sometimes we just sit in the car while I feed him, all of us munching from our respective divided container.

I love how easy it is to hand each boy just one container, and they’re good to go.  The LunchBots balance nicely in their laps as we speed along.  We’ve had only one spill–and that was mostly related to my driving (oops!).

The only thing I haven’t loved so much about our LunchBots are the painted lids.  We have red, blue, green and plain stainless steel lids.  It’s helpful to have multiple colors–I can assign one color to each person.  Older Brother usually gets green and Little Brother gets blue.  Mine is red.

The lids were beautiful at the beginning, but the paint has not held up well over time.  So now they’re all chippy and rather sad-looking, even though the containers work just as well as they ever did.  Plus, the painted lids must be hand washed, while the plain stainless steel lids can go right into the dishwasher (just like the containers).

I wound up wishing I’d ordered all stainless steel lids, and used our spiffy dishwasher-safe name labels to differentiate the containers.

Well, I have good news: LunchBots just came out with these nifty silicone lid covers in five fun colors!   LunchBots Dots lids are removable and dishwasher-safe.  Hooray!

Aren’t they fun?  I wish they’d been available back when we first bought our set of LunchBots.  These new lids make it a snap (literally) to identify whose lunch is whose, and they’re easy to keep clean.  Silicone is virtually indestructible, so these lids will look great far longer than the painted steel lids.  

Have you tried the new LunchBots dots lids?  What do you think?

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What’s your favorite way to pack a plastic-free lunch?

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