More Than Anything

More Than Anything

Although Yankee Homestead is a healthy living blog with the usual topics of essential oils, natural remedies, real food / gluten-free recipes and nontoxic products, etc., sometimes I like to share here what I’m learning as a mother (wife, friend, child of God).

This is one of those times.

I posted this on Facebook the other day.  Can you relate?

Helping children into snow clothes. Hooray! Now I can work on some projects while baby naps and children play outside.

Except that someone needs me to brush off snow, fetch a new pair of dry gloves and readjust outerwear after a tumble in the snow. While I’m helping at the back door, another child calls for help.

Me, grumpily: “I’m sure not getting anything done, am I?”

8yo boy: “But you’re helping us, and that’s more than anything!”

Runs off to play, in dry clothes. While I stand wincing at the back door.

“I began to see my children’s care and nurture as God’s best will for my life during my season as a mother. I needed to accept days like this–my children’s neediness, the myriad mindless tasks, and even my own occasional discomfort–as part of…building a godly heritage for Christ. I needed to nurture my children with my songs, my words, and my physical labor, treating each day as sacred in their development toward becoming healthy, mature adults. I needed to face the reality that all of the “important stuff” I was longing to do had far less eternal significance than what I was involved in doing. If I didn’t commit myself wholeheartedly to the demands of motherhood, I would never be able to do my best, because my heart would always be somewhere else.” ~~Sally Clarkson, Mission of Motherhood

Has God ever spoken to you through one of your children?  Did I mention that my 8 year old boy is named after an Old Testament prophet?  

God used my wiser-than-he-realizes son to deliver a gentle and much needed reminder on that snowy day: serving my children is definitely more than anything.

Serving my family is worth more than many of the items on my oh so important to-do list.  Time spent meeting my children’s needs is more than anything.

Later that same day, I was able to take my dear son aside.  Grasping both his hands in mine and stooping to look him in the eyes, I apologized for my grumpiness and assured him that helping him and his brothers was indeed more than anything–it was more important to me than accomplishing my projects.

“Thank you for reminding me,” I said.

His deep brown eyes sparkled at me as he ran off to play, and silently I thanked God for giving me the eyes to see.

I’m so thankful God loves me “more than anything”, even though I mess up every day.   And I’m thankful He loves them “more than anything”, and allows me to demonstrate that love to them in some small, feeble way.

Who needs your love “more than anything” today?

More Than Anything
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