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Picture Books for Fall

4 More Favorite Books for Fall

Have you checked out our list of Favorite Picture Books for Fall?  It’s got thirteen of our favorite fall titles to help you celebrate the natural bounty of the season–leaves, apples and more–with your favorite youngsters. We love, love, love fall here at the Yankee Homestead, and I’m always on the lookout for great new…

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Take-Along Guides

Exploring Nature with Kids: Take-Along Guides

Have you seen this series of nature guides for kids?  We absolutely love them at our house. These Take-Along Guides are not incredibly comprehensive, but they’re just right for young, budding naturalists.  They’re a bit too large to tote along on nature explorations (we love these pocket guides for that), but we use them often…

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4 Leaf Clover

5 Best Things About Used Books

  Old, used books are one of my very favorite things in life.  Seriously.  I could get lost for hours in a used book shop.  In fact, I hope do just that on our Anniversary Trip to London–I’m really hoping to score some great old English titles. What’s so great about old books? Well, I’m…

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August book display

Changing of the Guards: Our Rotating Book Display

Well, it’s a new month and almost a new season.   We’ve also got a birthday in a few days.  [Older Brother will be 7–I can hardly believe it!] At the Yankee Homestead, all of this adds up to: A New Book Display.  Several new book displays, actually.

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Painted Lady Butterfly

Year Round Nature Activity for Kids: Raising Butterflies

  Raising butterflies is a perfect nature activity for young children–it’s fairly easy to do, and gives everyone a firsthand look at a butterfly’s life cycle.  Reading excellent books on the topic makes the experience even more delightful. Want to give it a shot?  Read on for our favorite butterfly-raising resources. Also check out this…

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3 More Favorite Books for Summer

3 More Favorite Children’s Books for Summer

Since I compiled our list of 9 Favorite Children’s Books for Summer, we‘ve discovered a few new favorites.  I highly recommend each of the following three titles.  Enjoy!

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Martin Luther

Our New Favorite Resource for Family Devotionals

 After several failed attempts at establishing a Sunday Night Family Devotional Time, we’ve switched tactics. We’ve used several resources which we really liked, but were either too time-intensive and felt sort of contrived, or just lasted too long for Little Brother. It kept ending in frustration–for Older Brother, who truly was engaged but did not…

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8 Favorite Children's Books About the Beach

8 Favorite Children’s Books About the Beach

Our annual trip to the beach is a major highlight of the year for our boys.  Having just returned home from this year’s trip, I’ve got beach on the brain! So here’s a list of our favorite children’s books about the beach.  These are the books we read in the days leading up to the big…

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Library Bag

4 Tips for Library Lovers, plus bonus quotes

Do you love the library as much as we do? Are you tired of paying exorbitant fees for the 30-some-odd books you forgot to renew five days ago?  Not that it’s ever happened {ahem} to us, of course. Are you ever disappointed to discover your library does not have a specific book you’d really love…

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How to Save Money on Children's Books

How to Save Money on Children’s Books

Note:  This post is part of a week-ish long series on one of my favorite topics–books: Children’s Books, Used Books, Favorite Books, Libraries and more.  Not interested in books?  Just skip over this series and join us again next week… Have you entered the Children’s Books Giveaway yet? You can do that here: Giveaway: 10…

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