5 Tips for a Successful Nature Walk with Kids {#3 Choose the Right Spot}

Search online to find local nature spots

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Hopefully you’ve already read my first two tips for a successful nature walk with kids.  If not, you can do that here:

5 Tips for a Successful Nature Walk with Kids

#1 Find a Buddy
#2 Make it a Habit

Once you’ve got a nature buddy and you’ve settled on some sort of schedule for your nature walks, it’s time to pick a destination.  Better yet, you’ll want to start a whole list of family-friendly nature spots in your area.

Check out my top tips for choosing the right spot for your nature explorations…

Tip #3. Choose the Right Spot

1. Bathroom facilities

For us, the right spot always includes access to a bathroom, even if it’s just a port-a-potty. 🙂 Take it from me, this one factor will make a huge difference in the comfort and length of your nature adventures.

2. Trails, Water or Open Space

We prefer trails over wide open spaces, and proximity to water is always nice. Our favorite spots tend to include all three.

3. Picnic Spot

Picnic tables are a bonus, although we do keep a picnic blanket in the back of the car at all times, just in case.  Some nature spots have benches, steps or stone walls.  Tables are best, but as long as there’s a relatively clean and level spot to sit, you’ll be good to go.

4. Extras: Nature Centers, Playgrounds and More

Several of our favorite nature destinations also offer some type of extra amenities such as an official nature center, playground or other special features like a discovery garden.  It’s definitely not necessary, but can add interest to regular outdoor adventures with kids.

How to Find Kid-Friendly Nature Spots in Your Area

Are you at a loss for where to go?  Maybe you’re new to your area, or you’re new to the concept of regular nature adventures with kids in tow.

Don’t worry; every location has its own variety of nature spots.  Below are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

1. Ask around.  

The best folks to ask are:

  • Outdoor-enthusiasts
  • Other parents
  • Native or long-time local residents
  • Employees of your local tourism office, parks & rec, library, etc.

Search online to find local nature spots | Yankeehomestead.com
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2. Search online.  

Use the following terms, plus the name of your town, city or county:

  • hiking trail
  • nature trail
  • nature walk
  • nature place
  • nature center
  • nature for children
  • nature program
  • outdoor spot for kids
  • children’s garden
  • farm for kids
  • wildlife
  • Audubon
  • naturalist guided walk
  • playground
  • orchard
  • etc.

If you happen to live in Loudoun County, Virginia, here’s a great resource for you:
Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy: Loudoun’s Great Places.

My Family’s Favorite Nature Spots

Whether you live out in the country or in a big city, I guarantee there are more great nature spots near you than you might think. Have fun tracking them down!

Check out the rest of the series 5 Tips for a Successful Nature Walk with Kids:

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  1. channon on 10/10/2014 at 12:11 pm

    Wonderful tips! We were moving along so well with our Nature Walks, but we have hit a small roadblock. We were walking a few months ago along the trails, and they looked down at their feet…. there were Daddy Long Legs crawling across the grass! Screams and running to the closest spot of pavement became their number one priority. 🙂 I am hoping to go back in a few weeks when hopefully the ‘creepy crawlies’ aren’t so active 🙂 Thank you for sharing, and encouraging us to keep going!

    • Kathleen on 10/11/2014 at 6:29 pm

      Channon–And that’s the difference between boys and girls, I believe. 🙂 My boys love to pick up the Daddy Long Legs! Thanks for following along and leaving comments! Hope your next nature adventure is less eventful…

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