Thoroughly Equipped to Educate

Have you ever done something because it seemed like the right thing, the logical thing, to do, only to realize that it wasn’t right for you at all?  Have you ever done what was expected and then discovered the freedom to break away from the norm?

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12 Best Learning Toys for Preschoolers

12 Best Non-Gadget Learning Toys for Preschoolers

Looking for non-gadget learning toys for preschoolers?  You’re in luck…I’ve got a few ideas to share! Here at the Yankee Homestead, we try to choose the types of toys and activities that foster creativity and build real skills. Listed below are our very favorite learning toys for preschoolers…from a homeschooling mom of three boys.

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Shakespeare for Children

Shakespeare for Children: One Family’s Tale and 3 Recommended Resources

Much Ado About Shakespeare I have always loved Shakespeare.  Who doesn’t?  His words are witty, his characters familiarly flawed, his story lines delightfully convoluted. And so, when our homeschooling book list included selections of the famous poet’s tales for children, I was delighted.  That is, until my poor firstborn son showed signs of difficulty in…

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Folk Music for Family Listening

Favorite Folk Music for Family Listening

“All music is folk music, I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song.” –Louis Armstrong, one of the greatest artists in jazz history Sadly, all music is NOT folk music, and some kids’ music is downright annoying.  Tired of listening to Veggie Tales and The Wiggles?  Need some great road trip tunes for a…

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