My Favorite Carrier Lotion for Essential Oils

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizing Lotion - Baby Silk
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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizing Lotion - Lavender
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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizing Lotion - Citrus
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Vanilla Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizng Lotion
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Vanilla Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizng Lotion
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Coconut Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizing Lotion
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Tropical Traditions makes my absolute favorite lotion.  It’s clean, pure, unscented and works perfectly alone or as a carrier for essential oils.

My Favorite Carrier Lotion for Essential Oils

My favorite “flavor” is unscented.  I often add essential oils to this lotion, and don’t want to deal with competing smells.

Since I began using this awesome lotion several years ago, Tropical Traditions has added several new scents.  I may have to give some of them a try!  I’ve got my eye on the vanilla, coconut and citrus scents…

This Moisturizing Lotion is super-clean and pure.  Made from virgin coconut oil, it delivers wonderful benefits to skin anywhere on the body.  I use it on my entire family!

In fact, I began using this lotion back when I first set out to overhaul my family’s personal care and hygiene products.  I’d recently learned of the unwanted and even harmful ingredients in many of our products, and was looking for an alternative to the commercial lotions we’d been using.  

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How I Use It

I love this Moisturizing Lotion alone–I often use it on my legs after shaving.

And I love it for my face–it’s what I’m now using as my moisturizer.  I add 2 or 3 drops of Melaleuca and Frankincense essential oils to a small amount of this lotion, mix it together in my hands, and apply it all over my face.  I love it!  It’s really helping with my troubled, acne-prone skin.

If I have lotion left over after applying it to my face, I rub it into my hands.  It also really helps to get those essential oils worked into the persistent rash on my left hand, where I wear my wedding rings.  And of course, it’s great for winter hands in general.  My hands need all the help they can get during these dry, winter months!

Virgin Coconut Oil skin care
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