A Surprising {and Easy} Remedy for Post-Infectious Cough

cough remedy

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The moral of this story

(I’m giving it to you first, so you won’t miss it): always, always, always hit it hard when you feel something coming on.  Do not ignore the signs.  You do not have time to get sick!

However, if you miss the signs or find yourself so busy…

–For example, after you’ve returned from a nine-day overseas trip to celebrate your tenth anniversary, while feeling like you’ve missed the beginning of fall and the new school year and are playing catch up on homeschooling, fall decorations, cooking and laundry, for example–

…that you do in fact catch a cold and then wind up with a nasty PCC (post-infectious cough) that lingers and lingers and keeps you from sleeping at night when sleep is the very thing you need to fight the darned thing,


A surprisingly easy remedy

I learned about it here, right on the tail end of my lingering cough: Honey Plus Coffee Beats Steroid for Treating Cough.

Since I was almost over my cough, I can’t report on its efficacy in fighting a full on PCC.  And I hope not to have an opportunity to test it again soon.

However, I tend to struggle with PCC following a cold, and many times my cough tends to linger on for more than a week.  As soon as I started drinking coffee with honey* in the morning, my cough continued to improve greatly and went away quickly.

*I drank about 1.5 cups of regular coffee, with about a teaspoon of honey mixed into each cup.

I’m definitely keeping this trick in my back pocket in the event that I miss the signs again and wind up with another post-infections cough!

 Do you have a great home remedy for treating a severe cough?


cough remedy
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