The Secret to Perfect Homemade Mayo

The Secret to Perfect Homemade Mayo

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Y’all, I have finally learned the secret to perfect homemade mayo.

Actually, there are two secrets, which I shall share with you shortly.

But first let’s talk about why we would want to make our own mayo…

  1. Store-bought mayonnaise is packed with refined, processed vegetable oils.  These oils are bad news, people!
  2. Grocery store mayo also contains factory eggs from chickens raised in cages at huge facilities where they are fed GMOs and antibiotics.
  3. Lastly, sugar and other preservatives are often ingredients in premade mayo.  No thanks!

It might sound like a lot of work to make your own mayo, but it’s really pretty simple.  Once you’ve done it a few times, it just becomes a normal kitchen routine.

The Secret to Perfect Homemade Mayo | Roots & Boots
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Plus, it’s delicious and oh-so-good for you!

My 4 Favorite Things to Make with Homemade Mayo:

  • Tuna salad: 2 cans of sustainably caught tuna + mayo to taste + salt & pepper to taste + 1-2 drops Dill essential oil
  • Chicken salad: chopped roasted chicken + mayo to taste + chopped grapes + finely chopped apple + salt & pepper to taste
  • Broccoli slaw: recipe coming soon (in the meantime, try this recipe from Against All Grain)
  • Honey Mustard Dressing: recipe coming soon.

The Secret to Perfect Homemade Mayo

Ready to learn the two secrets?

  1. Add the oil SUPER SLOWLY.  Seriously.  The first few times you will be tempted to rush this process, but it’s VERY IMPORTANT.  Trust the girl who has ruined countless batches of homemade mayo by rushing this part of the process.
  2. Invest in a stick blender.  It’s not absolutely necessary, but my stick blender makes a much thicker, creamier mayo than I was ever able to achieve without it.  It really is the secret to perfect homemade mayo!  I also use it to make dairy-free whipped cream and to purée soups.

The Secret to Perfect Homemade Mayo | Roots & Boots
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The Equipment

After considerable research (trust me, I’m the Research Queen), I landed on this stick blender.  It’s pricier than some, but very durable and comes with a whisk attachment, which is my preference for making dairy-free whipped cream.  I cook a lot, y’all, and have learned by experience that you often get what you pay for in kitchen tools and appliances.

If you need a more economic option, this stick blender has good reviews.  A definite plus of the lesser priced stick blenders is that most of them fit into a wide mouth mason jar, which means you can make super fast mayo right in the jar!

A small blender or food processor that allows you to drizzle in the oil while blending should work, too.  And of course blending by hand with a whisk is another option.  This was my method for a long time!

NOTE: If you happen to end up with runny mayo, do not despair.  It happens to the best of us!  Runny mayo will still work for things like chicken salad or tuna salad, and it’s absolutely perfect for homemade honey mustard dressing.

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The Secret to Perfect Homemade Mayo | Yankee Homestead
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Perfect Homemade Mayo

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  • Author: Kathleen | Roots & Boots
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 10 mins
  • Yield: 3/4 cup 1x


Store bought mayo is loaded with unhealthy oils, sugar, and preservatives. Skip the premade varieties and make your own thick and delicious mayo!




  1. Add the first 4 ingredients (everything except the oil) to an appropriate container. I prefer the canister that came with my stick blender. A 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup also works well when whisking by hand. If you have a small blender or food processor that allows you to drizzle in the oil while blending, that should work, too.
  2. Blend well.
  3. Pour macadamia nut oil into a measuring cup with a spout. I recommend a 1-cup Pyrex with handle. Believe me, this will make the drizzling process so much easier.
  4. Do not rush this process! While continuing to blend constantly, begin drizzling the oil into the mixture.
  5. Continue adding the oil in a slow and steady stream while continuing to blend the entire time.
  6. Continue blending until all oil is added and the mayo is thick and creamy.
  7. Use immediately or cover and refrigerate for about a week.


*2 tsp lemon juice yields a thick mayo. For a thinner mayo, use 4 tsp lemon juice.
NOTE: If you happen to end up with runny mayo, do not despair. It happens to the best of us! Runny mayo will still work for things like chicken salad or tuna salad, and it’s absolutely perfect for homemade honey mustard dressing.


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  1. Stevie on 09/23/2020 at 2:55 pm

    I have been using your mayo recipe for a couple of months for my family and LOVE it! The tips you provide for making it are so helpful, and it really is so simple to make. I will never go back to store bought mayo if I can help it!

    • Kathleen Henderson on 09/23/2020 at 2:59 pm

      Yep, it’s one of those things that seems intimidating until you try it, but turns out to be so simple! Glad it’s been a hit for your family, Stevie! 🙂

  2. Wendy on 02/17/2021 at 4:53 pm

    I tried this recipe for the second time yesterday…. and this time I was successful!! The first time I ran out of avocado oil and finished with EVOO which did not result in a good tasting mayo. This time I made sure I had the ingredients before I started! I also used an egg from your farm!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe. Kathleen!

    • Kathleen Henderson on 02/17/2021 at 4:54 pm

      Yay! I’m so glad it worked for you, Wendy. 🙂

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