Project Eat More Veggies

Project: Eat More Veggies

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I recently decided that I’m tired of eating the same three or four vegetables in our family dinners.

The boys would only (happily) eat peas, corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, and (not so happily) green beans.

Technically, peas and corn don’t even count as vegetables!  They’re more like starches.  So are carrots and sweet potatoes, I guess, but they have enough redeeming qualities that I like to lump them in with the more nutritious veggies.

Anyway, I realized (bright as I am) that if I serve only those vegetables over and over, I’m training them to like only those vegetables.  So I’m making a concerted effort to prepare and serve more vegetables.

Currently, my general goal is to serve three vegetables every night: one I know they like, plus two more.  [And, as detailed here, I often prepare large quantities of each vegetable to last all week.]

They get to choose which of the two “less appealing” veggies goes on their plate.  We don’t make them eat much of the second vegetable, but I figure if we keep feeding them a variety of vegetables, eventually they will become accustomed to eating them.


To be fair, I should point out that Older Brother will now eat most vegetables, even if he doesn’t absolutely love them.  This is actually what’s fueling my new resolve.

Seeing Older Brother (6) emerge from his pickier eating habits as a toddler has given me hope that the same will occur for Little Brother (3).

Wish me luck! 🙂

If you have tried-and-true veggie recipes that your kids love (or even tolerate), or tips for promoting “adventurous eating” for preschoolers, send ’em my way!

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