Make Your Own “Crispy” Trail Mix

Crispy Trail Mix

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We often snack on crispy nuts at our house.  One day, after loading up the boys’ reusable snack bags with several kinds of crispy nuts, it occurred to me that I could save a bit of time by storing the nuts–and a few other ingredients–premixed and ready to go into the snack bags at a moment’s notice.  Instead of doing the nuts assembly line thing.  (Nuts assembly line–I sense a good joke in there somewhere…)

You may have heard of this concept.  

It’s called trail mix.

Crispy Trail Mix

Now I like to keep a variety of crispy nuts all mixed together in a jar in the pantry, sometimes with a few other ingredients thrown in.  It saves us time during the we’re-just-trying-to-leave-the-house-on-time-and-still-like-each-other-after-we-get-in-the-car rush, or any other time we need to fix a snack.


4 Ways to Eat Crispy Trail Mix

  1. Snack – My boys love it with apple slices on the side.
  2. Dessert – Add chocolate and call it a treat.
  3. Ice Cream Topping – Sprinkle it on top of cold treats like Chunky Monkey or Coconut Milk Ice Cream.  
    Trail Mix with Coconut Milk and Berries
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  4. Breakfast – Pour coconut milk over Crispy Trail Mix (or just use the thick cream from the top of the can) and add Cooked Frozen Berries or fresh berries with a few drops of vanilla creme stevia.

Trail Mix with coconut and chocolate
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Favorite Trail Mix Add-ins:

We always start with crispy almonds and crispy cashews.  Sometimes we add others nuts: pecans, walnuts, macadamia, peanuts, hazelnuts, etc.

*Note that gluten-free pretzels contain soy, which we try to avoid as much as possible.  I’m still searching for more crunchy, healthy add-ins for our trail mix, but until I can find suitable options that the entire family enjoys, we still eat these in small quantities.  I break them into tiny pieces and add just enough to the nuts to provide some variety.

What’s your favorite trail mix combination? 


Crispy Trail Mix
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