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Essential Oils for the Sciatic Nerve

  • Author: Yankee Homestead


Use this blend of 6 essential oils in a carrier base to soothe an uncomfortable sciatic nerve.




  1. I like to mix up this blend in a recycled FCO bottle with a pump top. Read more about recycling those empty FCO bottles.
  2. Start with a half-filled bottle of FCO (that’s about 2 oz FCO in a 4 oz. bottle).
  3. Add the essential oils and shake to blend.
  4. Add a pump top and store wherever you’ll use it most! For me, that’s my bathroom.
  5. Apply to the site of origin in the lower back, all the way down the leg to the heel. Massage well into the skin. Repeat as needed.


Heads up that doTERRA’s Birch oil is available only at convention. The only way to get Birch is to purchase a convention kit, or to beg a convention-going friend to snag an extra convention kit for you and lug it home in her suitcase. Birch is a powerful oil for discomfort of many kinds, and it supports the nervous system. We’ve been experimenting with it for bone and nerve complaints.

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