Nesting Materials Project for Kids

Nesting Materials Project for Kids

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We discovered this nesting materials project in one of our favorite books about birds.  It’s simple and fun for kids of all ages! 

Completing the project with friends makes it extra special.

Involve the kids in gathering the nesting materials, stuffing the bags, and then choosing just the right spot to hang your completed project.  Next, try to spy on the bags throughout the nesting season.

Also keep on the lookout for nests.  If you’re fortunate enough to spot a nest over the coming months, see if you can identify any of the materials from your project!

You Will Need:

  • Empty mesh produce bags (or an empty suet cage)
  • Nesting Materials
  • Scissors
  • String

Nesting Materials Project for Kids | Yankee Homestead
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Use These Materials:

  • Strips of Cloth: Natural fibers like cotton, burlap and wool; pieces should be no longer than 3″-6″ long and 1″ wide.
  • Cloth Batting: Wool or cotton; pieces should be no longer than 3″-6″ long and 1″ wide.
  • Ribbon and String: Yarn, ribbon, string, etc., made of natural fibers; pieces should be no longer than 3″-6″ long and 1″ wide.
  • Natural Materials from your Yard: Straw, tiny twigs, dead plant debris, grass clippings, fluffy seeds and plants.
  • Hair and Fur: From your own hairbrush or from your pet’s clippings; make sure it’s clean and free from chemicals.
  • Feathers: Small, soft feathers are best–they can even be from old down pillows.
  • Cocoa Fiber and Moss: Old linings of hanging baskets; Sphagnum or Spanish moss.

Don’t Use These Materials:

  • Synthetic Materials: Plastic, fishing line, nylon twine, etc.
  • Dryer Lint

Bag of Nesting Materials
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  1. Gather your nesting materials.
  2. If necessary, cut materials into small strips no bigger than 1″ wide and 3″-6″ long.
  3. Fill your bag with nesting materials.
  4. Tie a strong knot at the top.
  5. Hang your bag in a protected area where the birds will be sure to find it.

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